8 Big Advantages of Traveling in a Campervan

man using laptop at table in a campervan

Traveling in a campervan has many benefits and can be more affordable than staying at hotels and more comfortable than tent camping. Van life has its perks!

In addition to being easy on your wallet; camping on wheels provides some major advantages over traditional forms of accommodation like hotels, motels, or resorts. You may even prefer it to tent camping. Although, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy sleeping under the stars. You’ll find that staying at your favorite campground is even better in a campervan. Read on to discover all the benefits of traveling and vacationing in a campervan.

What is a Campervan Exactly?

Campervans are vans that have been made to accommodate sleeping, bathing, and cooking. They can be taken on road trips for an easy all in one solution. They don’t require another vehicle to tow them. Sometimes they are called motorhomes, campers, or caravans. They have all of the convenience associated with traveling in your own vehicle, but they give your more room, sleeping areas, a cooking area, and in some cases a pop-up roof for camping.

traveling in a campervan

Traveling in a Campervan is Convenient

Campers are incredibly convenient. They provide all the amenities of home, but in a way that’s portable and easy to store when not being used for travel purposes- which makes them perfect if you’re constantly on the move. You can take your kitchen, bed, comfortable seating with you where ever you go.

You’ll Sleep Better in a Campervan

Forget about the air mattresses and drafty tent. You can add a memory foam mattress topper and sleep as soundly as in you bed at home. Speaking of sleeping, have you ever been laying in your tent slightly scared about the wildlife you hear nearby? That can be sort of fun in a way, but if you want a more relaxing and secure night-time rest, a campervan is a great solution.

Campervans are a Secure Way to Travel

While tent camping you may worry about your safety at some locations. Being out in the middle of nowhere and out of cell range might make you uncomfortable. You can sleep better knowing that if the wildlife comes around they won’t be able to get inside your van. It’s unlikely that you’ll even be woken up by the wildlife.

You can Cook in a Campervan

When you go camping with a campervan, it’s so easy to cook your own food and stay healthy. It can save you the struggle of finding a restaurant in some remote areas. Especially when you follow a specific diet. There are usually kitchens in these vehicles – meaning you can save money by not eating out at restaurants. If you miss cooking over an open fire, you can always make s’mores at one of your camping stops along the way.

cooking in a campervan

Campervans Make it Easy to Travel with Pets

It’s a common dilemma for pet owners: whether to travel with their furry friends or have them stay at doggie daycare. One of the best parts about traveling in a campervan is being able to bring your whole family. Camping with me and my dog has been such an adventure, not just because we’re always on-the go but also because I can take her along for some fun activities like hiking or swimming!

Park and Camp Almost Anywhere

There are many places where you can park and van camp overnight for free. You can stay overnight in many national and state parks, some rest stops, or you can rent sites at a campground. Camping in campground is simple when you don’t have to set up and take down a tent each night or make fires for cooking. Campervan travel opens up a whole new level of freedom and spontaneity and makes it easy to camp at a new spot each night.

Campervans Come With Amazing Views

Staying in a hotel with a great view can be relaxing and also expensive. The views from your campervan can be even more spectacular. A van can be parked anywhere with an amazing view, whether it’s at a beach or in middle of nature where you’re surrounded by breathtaking views all around!

couple enjoying scenery from back of a campervan

You Can Do Remote Work in a Campervan

Traveling in a campervan is all about the freedom and adventure. You don’t need much, just some good internet connection so you can get your work done remotely on open roads. Of course there is merit to taking a vacation away from work. However, if you find yourself in the situation of needing to mix work with adventure you can can very easily set up your laptop and work area. You’ll enjoy relaxing scenery and be able to take breaks as needed.

man using laptop at table in a campervan

Sounds great! You might be thinking that you should buy a campervan, but there’s some good reasons why it’s better to rent one. When you rent a campervan for your travel adventures you don’t have to worry about maintenance or upkeep. You won’t have to find a place to store your campervan while you’re not on the road and if you call the Land Wander team we’ll deliver your camper right to your door!

If you want to find out more about how our custom camping adventure services work get in touch today. We’d love to answer any questions you have about getting a camper van rental.

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